Monday, November 23, 2015

Latest attempts at sewing

Boy, I don't know how people find time to write a blog post daily or even weekly.  Mine has turned into quarterly posts. 
Since my last blog post I had my second cataract surgery and it went great.  I can now see without glasses except for reading.  I used to have to take my glasses off to read now I have to put reading glasses on.  My daughter came up on Sunday July 12th from Southern Utah and we went to Provo. We stayed in a motel since I had to be at the surgical center Monday morning at 7am. After we checked in at the motel we went to Bountiful to meet up with Bronson, Conner and Hailey at Conner's Grandma Shauna's house.  They were swimming in the pool.  We stayed and visited for a while then we followed Conner to his house and then to a restaurant and had dinner.  It was so fun seeing the boys. I got to visit with Conner's little girl Jaidence, too.
So much is going on.  I am moving sometime in the next few months.  I was given an old trailer house earlier in the year and knew it would need a lot of work done before I could move in.  In the fall I found out I could not move it onto Joe's property so we moved it to Fillmore.  It is in a trailer park and we are getting things fixed up on it.  First off they got it blocked and leveled and then sealed the roof.  They put in 4 new windows and are working on the electrical now. 

This picture is of it sitting out on the farm. As you can see the one window is broken and consequently the birds were living in it.  There was a nest in the bedroom closet.  It was pretty dirty and had old furniture in it.
The next picture is of it sitting in the park at Fillmore. It still is a mess but once we get the garbage out it will be much better.
 I will post pictures of it as things progress.

I have been sewing a lot lately, mostly for Christmas presents.  I put together a Harley Davidson quilt for my son George.

 And in August I joined a round robin quilt group and we all made 16 large 12 1/2 inch blocks and 16 small 6 1/2 inch blocks.  We then sent them to the organizer Krisanne and she divied them up and  sent them back to us.  I got mine and immediately had to figure out how to place them.  She gave us a potential layout which made it easier.  I love mine and I plan to put black fleece on the back and free motion quilt 4 big spider webs on it.  Everyone was so creative with their blocks.
 I also finished my pink and orange quilt and got it bound. It will be a Christmas present also.
I have been working on my maroon and green quilt.  I have 4 rows put together and have 4 more to add.  Then I will put 3 borders on it to make it queen size.  Here are the blocks from it.

They are called granny squares.  I have seen others made that are very scrappy but I tried to keep mine very uniform.  I will post pictures of the finished quilt top later.

I will have the next few days off and plan to try to get lots of sewing in.