Monday, June 29, 2015

It has been quite awhile since I posted last.  This summertime has been so busy.  I really haven'e been doing much sewing.   Since I took on the task of doing another person's bookkeeping, that has been keeping me away from the sewing machine. I have also been trying to help my son get rid of some junk cars and that can be very timeconsuming.  He really needs the money from them and they are an eyesore.    I have also been busy trying to pack up my motor home in anticipation of selling it and moving into the trailer.  Of course, that task was put on the back burner when I had cataract surgery on June 17th. 
It was such a success and I am looking forward to doing the left eye.  Cheryl, my Daughter-in-law took me to Nephi for the 1st surgery.  I was supposed to be there at 8 am but at 7:15 they called to say the surgery was cancelled.  Something about trouble with some equipment.  So I called Cheryl, who had just gotten to Holden, and she turned around and went home. Well I no sooner sat down and ate breakfast and they called back to say it was on again.  I told them I didn't want their faulty equipment to mess up my eye but they reassured me that it was the sterilization equipment not the eye equipment.  So I called Cheryl back and she came to get me. We got to Nephi about 8:45 but there is so much prep to get ready.  Surgery actually happened about 10:30 or 11 am.  It only took a few minutes for the actual surgery.  But we had to wait to see Dr. Lohner before we left the hospital.  I guess we finally got home about 1pm.  My sight in my right eye is so good it just amazes me with what they can do.  For the left eye I am going to go to Provo on the 13th of July.  Marshawn is coming to take me to that one and we will stay at a motel up there since my appointment is at 7:20 am. 

Just before my eye surgery I had an opportunity to go to the Panguitch Quilt Walk Festival.  Last year I went for 4 days but this year I only went for 2 days.  I left early Friday morning and came home Saturday late afternoon. I took a class on Friday afternoon with a Krisanne Watkins.  She taught us how to make 40 1" half square triangles.  Very tedious but between that Friday class and one Saturday morning with the same teacher I was finally able to accomplish one block. 

I love it but it was very tedious.  Then Saturday afternoon I took another class.  It was from a lady at the Main Street Quilt shop in Hurricane.  I really like their classes.  It was called A Scrappy Granny Square .  I was actually able to make 2 blocks in that class and for sure I will finish this quilt.

I actually did two different color placements in this block.  I love the process and the ease of making it.  I still need to square them up but really like this block.

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