Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sewing Progress

I have been sooooo busy lately.  Besides keeping the books for my sons businesses I have decided to take on doing the books for another fellow that has multiple businesses also.  But, my computer has not been cooperating.  I have sent it in twice for a keyboard problem.  Hopefully I get it back soon and it will work perfectly.  I spent two whole days just cleaning carpets in the motor home.  Since the leak is fixed I needed to clean the water spots.  They cleaned up nicely.

With all that going on I still have been able to get some sewing done.  I have put together the blocks made from Missouri Star Quilt Company's video.  It is called Flying Geese Log Cabin.

 Here is the single block..
 Now I need to put on some borders.  Still can't decide what the borders will be.  I don't have any of the actual fabric left but have bought some solid fabrics that match quite well.  If I do too much in the borders it will distract from the pattern but on the other hand I don't like the idea of too plain of a border.

Right now though I am working on another quilt I started when I was down south.  It is called Match  A Patch Stars.  I found it in a Fons & Porter booklet that came with a magazine. 

This is what I have been doing.
 I have 60 stars made using fabric from my stash.
The quarter square triangles are also fabric from my stash.   I have 18 more to finish then I will start making the rows.  I am anxious to get this one finished.  I am hoping to get it quilted by the end of the month.

Besides that I have been working to put together my BOM from the guild.  Here are the blocks I have finished for that.

I have a few more but couldn't find the pictures.

Well that is what I have been up to.   Keep quilting on!!

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  1. Have I told you lately that I love my kitty cat quilt? I love it so much. Right now I'm falling in love with the individual pieces of fabric you used to make the cats. At first I focused on the edges and the dividing pieces, but now I want blouses or dresses or something out of a few of the cat fabric. Some of the black and white pattern kitties look like the fabric I have blouses in that are hanging in my closet. I just love it Sus. I am so grateful for all of the hours and love you put into for me. I'm going to try to find something special to make for you. I'm going to start beanies and scarves in August. Right now I'm working on baby sun hats then I'll move to character hats like dinosaurs, Halloween, etc. I love your quilting . I think it's in your DNA just the way crochet is in mine. Love you so much.