Friday, February 27, 2015

Latest Stitching done....

I came home from Ivins, on January 31st.  Had a great ride home.  Joe brought his tow truck and a small trailer to pick me up.  We loaded all my sewing stuff and luggage in the little trailer and put my car on the tow truck and he drove me home.  Little Joe and Crosley came and helped load things up.  They are 2 very hard working kids.

We had a lot of fun on the way home. 

It is good to be home but while I was gone my fridge decided to quit working.  So the last few weeks that is what I have been consumed with.  We still don't have it running (altho the freezer freezes but the fridge won't go below 50 degrees) but I have an alternate fridge (but it is outside).  At least my food doesn't spoil any more.  Living out of an ice chest just doesn't cut it.

I have been doing some sewing.  I have been making 12.5 inch blocks to finish up the BOM from my guild last year.   Most I don't have pictures of but will take some and post them later.

The best thing that has happened is my giving Carol a quilt.  Of course, I don't have room for extra quilts just sitting around and so the other day I took my "Blue Plate Special" quilt to Carol.  She is a wonderful friend that was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple months ago.  She had both breasts removed and has been going through chemo.  It felt so good to give it to her.
This is the top before I quilted it.  I have a label to sew on to the back yet but I told her I would come and we could sit and visit while I sewed the label on by hand.


  1. I love your quilt...I bet your friend does too. All the best to her. It's a tough battle to fight!

    1. Thanks Jo...I love your blog...keep on posting!!