Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I am feeling very nostalgic about it.  My Mom has been gone for 14 years and I still miss her.  She would love the Internet the way it is now.
 I don't know what we are doing, if anything.  The kids have not let me know.

Back to quilting!!

The only thing I have been working on is the Quilt Guild BOM.  I did finish the block with all the HST's.

I liked the idea of the pinwheels.

Then I worked on the Dutchman's Puzzle.

I love this block ..It was fun to make.  I hope I can get back to quilting in the next few days.  I hurt my leg a week ago and finally went to the Dr Friday.  He did some x-rays and at least I don't have a stress fracture ( which is what I was beginning to think it was)  I can't believe how much energy it takes just to get from one place to another.  Just putting my clean laundry away yesterday exhausted me.  I am hoping to get back to quilting tomorrow or Monday or Tuesday.  I will have Tuesday off so maybe then...

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