Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Again!!

It seems like Friday is the day I end up posting for the week.  So here goes!!  I have been so busy with other things that I haven't very much to report about quilting.

Tuesday was both grandson's ball games.  Crosley is 6 and is a great hitter and quick to retrieve the ball and get it to the right person.  I think he won his game.  Joe is 11 and is learning to pitch.  Being a left hander is an advantage to pitching.  He's very good and I watched his game.  (the games were at the exact same time at opposite ends of town.)  His team won also.  

I have still been nursing my pulled muscle  so by evening I can't get around very well.  I did do some weed whacking with my new electric weed eater.  Joe and his friend Lucas helped some on Wednesday.  I also got the paint for my porch.  I started painting it on Thursday, with the help of Hailey and Crosley, but today it was raining so that put a stop to progress on painting. 

Also on Thursday Crosley and Joe both had ball games again. So I first went to Crosley's game and then went to see Joe's double header.  I missed most of the first game but was able to watch the second game entirely.

Also on Thursday I was able to put the quilt sandwich together for the Be My Neighbor House Quilt.  I will try getting to quilt it this next week. And I made another project bag.  I will take pictures of it and post next week

Well, I will post again next week if I can.

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