Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today the weather is warm but I hear another storm is coming in with lots of snow.  I just wish winter would leave and spring would stay.  One thing is for sure, I get some sewing done on the snow or rain days.

I've got my Kitty in the Window quilt ready to quilt....but I have been putting it off due to the fact that I wasn't to sure exactly which pattern to do the quilting in.  I think I have decided.  After watching a video course on Craftsy called Dot To Dot Quilting, I have decided to do some diamond shapes on the kitties and a scallop on the sashing.  I will post pictures of it at a later date.

In the meantime I have been working on some sewing accessories that I need.

This is the Sewing Machine Mat with pockets.  I found this great blog called Aunt Polly's Porch.  Her sewing room organizers were on the Moda Bake Shop the other day and I fell in love with the items she showed how to make.  There is a sewing machine cover, a pin cushion to tie on your machine and another small one to keep nearby, a chatelaine to hang around your neck with a pincushion on one  end and your scissors on the other, a versatile caddy to use by your machine or on your ironing board or when sitting in a chair or on the couch.  There is also a handy bucket covering to keep things handy.  She is so creative!!

Hopefully this afternoon I can get started on my quilt.

When I went to a DUP meeting the other day, our captain was handing out plastic eggs with the cutest story inside to help us remember the real meaning of Easter.

As Easter time approaches, let me share with you the tender story of an eleven year old boy named Philip, a Down's syndrome child who was in a Sunday School Class with eight other children.
Easter Sunday the teacher brought and empty plastic egg for each child.  They were instructed to go out of the church building onto the grounds and put into the egg something that would remind them of the meaning of Easter.
All returned joyfully.  As each egg was opened there was exclamations of delight at a butterfly, a twig, a flower, a blade of grass.  Then the last egg was opened.  It was Philip's and it was empty!
Some of the children made fun of Philip.  "But, teacher," he said, " teacher the tomb was empty!"
A newspaper article announcing Philip's death a few months later noted that at the conclusion of the funeral eight children marched forward and put a large empty egg on the small casket.  On it was a banner that said, "The tomb was empty"
With John of old, we bear especial witness and testify the " the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world" (1John 4:14) and that a major purpose of his sacred mission was to teach us how to love and serve one another.    Marion D. Hanks - Easter 1992 

I wish everone that reads this a Happy Easter.

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