Thursday, March 27, 2014

Today is going so slow...I am at work and only have an hour left to go...then home to sew.  Yesterday I was up early to go to the court house...I was called to Jury Duty, but after filling out the form and sitting thru their video and being interviewed by the Judge, I was not selected...Yay!!.  I got to go home and sew.  It was raining and then snowing so I really appreciated being in for the day.

I worked on the little bunny I told you about last weekend.  I used brown fleece with pink fleece for his inner ears.  It was tough working on such a small little guy for me.  I don't enjoy stuff like that and he didn't turn out as good as I hoped for.  I didn't have any pellets to put in him that the pattern suggested, so he won't sit up.  But here a few pictures:

It was a good experience sewing him up, but I won't be making more bunnies...

I checked out my sister's interview for a documentary on Valley Fever last night.  It is a You Tube video and the link is here:     It was done by Channel KVIE in Sacramento, California.  If the link doesn't work just go to You Tube and search for Deadly Dust Valley Fever KVIE .  This terrible disease changes peoples lives and can make it impossible to function.  My sister Sharon has had it for over 10 years and has suffered and is still suffering on a daily basis.

Today I will go home and work on quilting my Disappearing 4 patch.  It's still cold out although the sun is out with some cloudiness.  

Every time I read my email or check Facebook I see quilt patterns that I want to try.  My wish list is very long and I hope I can make some of them soon, but first things first....get the quilting done!!

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