Thursday, March 27, 2014

Today is going so slow...I am at work and only have an hour left to go...then home to sew.  Yesterday I was up early to go to the court house...I was called to Jury Duty, but after filling out the form and sitting thru their video and being interviewed by the Judge, I was not selected...Yay!!.  I got to go home and sew.  It was raining and then snowing so I really appreciated being in for the day.

I worked on the little bunny I told you about last weekend.  I used brown fleece with pink fleece for his inner ears.  It was tough working on such a small little guy for me.  I don't enjoy stuff like that and he didn't turn out as good as I hoped for.  I didn't have any pellets to put in him that the pattern suggested, so he won't sit up.  But here a few pictures:

It was a good experience sewing him up, but I won't be making more bunnies...

I checked out my sister's interview for a documentary on Valley Fever last night.  It is a You Tube video and the link is here:     It was done by Channel KVIE in Sacramento, California.  If the link doesn't work just go to You Tube and search for Deadly Dust Valley Fever KVIE .  This terrible disease changes peoples lives and can make it impossible to function.  My sister Sharon has had it for over 10 years and has suffered and is still suffering on a daily basis.

Today I will go home and work on quilting my Disappearing 4 patch.  It's still cold out although the sun is out with some cloudiness.  

Every time I read my email or check Facebook I see quilt patterns that I want to try.  My wish list is very long and I hope I can make some of them soon, but first things first....get the quilting done!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Boy, have I been wanting to sew.  Here it is Tuesday and I haven't sewn at all the last few days.  I am working this morning but I doubt I will be able to sew this afternoon.  A friend is having the missionaries over tonight and wants to feed them so I am going to do some shopping and help do some of the cooking.   Tomorrow is my day off so maybe then I will get some sewing done.  I am anxious to try the bunny pattern I wrote about Saturday. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Well, It's Saturday and I have not been sewing.  I have been working on Joe's books for his business, as well as working at the visitor's center in Fillmore.  Yesterday I spent the day working on his books.  Although, last night I did finish the binding on my Iron Caddy Bag.  I hope to sew the buttons, and handles on today.

When I got off work I did buy some fleece to try the Mini Bunny pattern I found on the Sew Mama Sew blog.  They look fairly easy so I thought I might try one. The link is here  I will let you know how they turn out.

Well, if I am going to get anything done I better quit typing and get to it.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yesterday I was telling you about my Microwave Bowl Potholders.  Well, today I made 3 sets, delivered them and made a little spending money.  The first set has a solid green base with 3 different print fabrics in the bowl part.

Then the second set was a country blue base with 3 different pink and blue prints in the bowl area.

The third set was also a green base with fall colors in the bowls.

I had so much fun making these today..It sure made the day go by fast.  Tonight I am going to sit and handsew the binding on my Iron Caddy Bag.  I will take pictures tomorrow and post them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WIP Update

I don't do a lot of selling my projects, but when I was showing a friend at the fabric store my Microwave Bowl Potholders (This is a pattern from, she asked me to make a set for her.  Then another lady called me today and ordered a set.  Later another friend ordered a set.  So I know what I will be sewing tomorrow.  It is one of my two days off from my part time job, so that will give me time to get them all made.

I have also been trying to get my Iron Caddy Pad made.  It is a pattern from Sisters Common Thread. When I went to American Fork last week I went to Deseret Industries in search of fabric and found some lovely Brocade in a peach color and some polished cotton in a light rust color.  I have paired them up together for this iron caddy and think it will look very nice.  I will post a picture tomorrow.
I will get the binding and handles sewn on tomorrow.

I need to get busy on machine quilting the few quilts I have all the batting and backing for.  Looking forward to a very productive couple of days. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time and just got started.  I will be posting projects I have been working on and some that I have finished in the past.  My favorite thing to do is sew.  I make quilts and sew other projects like fabric baskets, pot holders, journal covers, etc. 
Hailey and Megan's baby quilt
This is a baby quilt that I made for Megan.  She is my go to for hair cuts... The cute gal holding the quilt is my granddaughter Hailey.  She loves to sew also.  She got a sewing machine (nice one too) for Christmas and has been sewing up a storm.  She took a 4-H sewing class last year and got bitten by the sewing bug. 
Hailey's Quilt
This is the strip quilt she made at her 4-H class.  She made lots of things there but I don't have pictures of all of them.

Irish Chain

Back of Irish Chain
I made Joe and Cheryl a quilt for Christmas 2013.  It was called Irish Chain.  I saw a youtube video by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company and wanted to make it.  I made it King sized . I started in September and finished the top in December.  I was going to try quilting it on my home machine but due to time crunches I called my favorite long arm quilter Susan Herbert.  She lives in Ephraim, Utah which is almost two hours from where I live. Here it was the week before Christmas and I still needed it quilted.  When I called her she said she had just had a cancellation and could do it. So the next day (Tuesday Dec 17th) I went to Ephraim with the quilt top and backing material.  We decided to just do a large stipple on it. and she said I could pick it up Friday (Dec 20th).  I ended up working in the afternoon Friday so bright and early I drove over to get my quilt.  Between dropping it off and picking it up I prepared the binding material so I could get started right away.  I wanted to present it to them on Christmas Eve so I had to work fast.  I did get it finished on Sunday night.
My next task was to make them Pillow Shams, Throw Pillows  and Pillow Cases to match.  I finally finished them yesterday (March 17th).. In the last year I have made so many quilt tops and need to get some of them finished before I can really get started on new projects. Most of them I will quilt on my sewing machine.  Following are some pictures of some I've finished and some are the quilt tops I need to work on.
Baby Boy Quilt I made and sent to a great Niece in California

Queen sized quilt I made and designed for my Granddaughter Dawn
This pattern is called the Ten Minute Block. I learned this pattern at Quilt Guild Meeting and couldn't wait to get home to try it.
This pattern is one I bought at a quilt shop quite a few years ago. I couldn't understand the pattern at first but after making a few quilts I understood perfectly what they were telling me.  It is called Blue Plate Special.
My finished Disappearing 9 Patch inspired by Amy of Stitchery Dickory Dock

This Quilt I made in 2012 for my Grandson Joe.  He loves Football so when I saw an image on the internet I knew I had to make it for him.

These are Pillow I made for my daughter Marshawn for her birthday last year.

This is my latest quilt top.  It is for a sister in California.  The pattern is Disappearing 4 Patch and is another inspiration from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

This was one of the first quilts I made in 2013.  It is called Lazy Log Cabin with a BarnRaising effect.  I made the Pillow Shams out of left over blocks.  It is Queen sized and is on my bed.  I love it!!